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 How Can I Order Samples?

Want Samples?
You can now order them ONLINE!

Look for the Orange "pick list" on the Left side of the screen and scroll down to SAMPLES! and CLICK ON IT. It will take you to all the different samples we offer!


Since it is almost impossible to correctly display COLORS accurately on every computer's monitor, we highly recommend that our customers get actual color samples. They can be easily mailed in an envelope. they are aprox.. 3" x 3". We stock virtually every wood species and color you might be interested in.

Remember that these samples are intended to give you a general range of the color and finish. Due to wood characteristics, the delivered product will almost certainly vary slightly from the sample. There is no way to control real wood products color exactly.

DO NOT use these wood color samples to try to EXACTLY MATCH your existing cabinets! Wood and wood finishes will change color over time, so the newest wood will alway look newest. It can't be avoided.

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