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 Cookie Problems: How to clear COOKIES on my computer?


If you havestarted several different shopping carts,your computer's web browsermay become hopelessly confused bythe "cookies" that were placed on your computer. A 'cookie' is put on your computer so you can return to your shopping cart at any time for the next 60 days(one for each shopping cart you started).If there are too many cookies on your computer, the site will becomeunable to function properly on your particular computer. (what is a 'cookie'? click here to find out)

Most of the time, particularly if you jump around on the site a lot , you may have created More Than ONE 'cookie', and they start to conflict with each other ,trying tobring you back to pages that may nolonger exist.

To remedy this situation, take the following steps:

  • On your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.),go to the toolbar at the top of the browser program, click on "tools", then on "internet options" or "options".
  • Delete or Clear 'Cookies'. This is also a very good time toDelete or Clear your temporary internet files (or 'cache'). If you haven't done it in the past week, you are way overdue anyway.
  • Go back to the website, and start again.This 'cookie' cleaning process will solve the problem 95% of the time.

Here is an Example from 'Internet Explorer' version 6. (Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 is shown below in NEXT set of screen shots.

click on "tools", then "Internet Options"

Click on "General" tab, Then "Delete Cookies"

Then Click on "OK"

Here is an example using Internet Explorer 7: (Newer Browsers are similar)

Click on "Tools"

Click on "internet Options

On the "General" tab, Click on "Delete"

Click on "Delete Cookies"

Click "yes"

The ONLY way to keep a permanent record of your shopping cart is to click on the

icon in the shopping cart and email the informationto yourself right away.

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