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 Samples: RTF Sample Doors

All "Quarter Door" samples are made with White RTF foil, have White Backs, and Feature the Standard "S01" edge that is most often ordered with that Door

NOTE: Enter "sampleRTF" in the Gray COUPON CODE BOX (above the BBB symbol) and press 'Enter Code' button to remove all but $5.50 of the Shipping and Boxing fees!!

NOTE!! DO NOT USE THIS "sampleRTF" COUPON CODE if you are NOT SPECIFICALLY ORDERING THIS "sampleRTF", OR if you are ALSO purchasing ANY additional products that is NOT a "sampleRTF"!

This discount is meant to save on the shipping and boxing fees for customers that are ordering ONLY a "sampleRTF" sample, and nothing else!

NOTE!! The discount you recieved by using this "sampleRTF" COUPON CODE on any order for which this coupon code was never intended to be used will be revoked and charged back to your credit card.

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